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Morgan Hudson

           Morgan Hudson was born and raised in the small town of Jackson, Kentucky.  He first started clogging under the direction of Betty Hudson in 1981 until she taught him everything that she knew.  She then referred him to the “man on top of the hill” named Charlie Burns.  His team The Kuntry Gals and Guys accepted Morgan and he clogged under the direction of Charlie Burns until 1986.  The group was able to stick together for one more year until most of them graduated high school in 1987. 

            As time passed, thirteen complete years, Morgan had assumed that clogging had come and went and no longer existed.  It wasn’t until he was out line dancing one night in 2000 that a lady, Charlotte Hoover, from Frankfort, Kentucky saw him jumping up and down and bouncing everywhere.  She asked him if he had ever clogged and he replied, “Yes, but I think it has died”.  She reintroduced him to clogging where he began taking as many classes as he possibly could every week; sometimes under the direction of four different instructors at one time! 

            In 2001 Morgan gave his life to the Lord and wanted to give back the talent that was given to him to young kids to keep them out of trouble. Due to the instructors quitting and Morgan’s love for the dance he kept taking over different areas where instructors simply walked out. He not only wants to share his talent, but his love for the Lord as well.  He currently has groups in Stanton (KY) and Harrodsburg (KY) that he teaches, known as the Southern Pride Cloggers.

            He currently resides in Stanton with his wife S’Lena.  He choreographs routines not only for his groups but also for other groups.  He participates in group workshops and helps host several others.  His email is and can also be found on Facebook.

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