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Eric Bley

I’m Eric Bley. I like to dance. I also like Swiss cheese. But I like smoked Gouda the best. I did have smoked Swiss cheese one time and it was deeeelicious! I guess if I were to vote I would still go with smoked Gouda over the Swiss. It is really good on sandwiches but it’s oh so good in an omelette. Ooohhh baby! I like long walks in cornfields and heavy equipment. I take vitamins everyday and I always eat a banana for a morning snack and an apple for a snack on the drive home. I like to play with my children, Micah and Ella. Micah likes to wrestle/karate/Jiu-Jitsu with me and Ella likes to tell stories, swing and play hide and seek with me. And I like to kiss my wife, Mia, in the face. 

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