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Melissa Pack

Melissa Pack took her first clogging lesson from her best friend Christina Nobili 27 years ago in Virginia where she’s from. Since that very first lesson, Melissa has gone on to make clogging one of the biggest features in her life. She moved from Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee after graduating from Virginia Tech in 2001 to pursue bigger dancing dreams. She performed and competed with Rhythm-n-Motion out of Cookeville, TN for 13 years. She also was fortunate enough to meet her husband, Rob, through this team as well.  She has had the opportunity to dance for entertainers such as Johnny & June Cash, Ralph Stanley, Dan Tymanski, Ralph Stanley, John Cowan and the list goes on. She and her team have made multiple appearances on the Grand Ole Opry. The best Opry performance was when she shared the stage with her husband and two best friends, Christina and Dereck.


Melissa currently runs her own clogging team in Lebanon, TN called the Evermean Evergreen Cloggers. She currently has 85 dancers ages 4-87. She has a competition team of 34 kids that she travels throughout the Southeast on the ACHF circuit with. The unique team’s name is very special to Melissa and her family because it was the name of the team her husband and his family started clogging with back in 1985. The EE’s performed and competed until the year 2000 under the direction of Johnnie Payton. In 2010, Johnnie asked Melissa if she wanted to take on the team name since Melissa currently had a lot of dancers but no team name.  She graciously took the team name and is keeping the Evermean tradition alive.


Melissa is a member of the ACHF All-American Team. She and her husband, Rob, spend lots of time traveling and competing, doing shows as well as going to various workshops throughout the year as instructors. They are both very passionate about continuing to teach and execute the drag slide/traditional styles of clogging. They believe in teaching each new generation the foundation of clogging and the importance of where it all began.


The Pack family has their own clogging studio in Lebanon, TN called Evermean Studios.

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